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Picture an affluent, well-educated mom who is concerned about her teens' well-being.

Demographic Profile: She is a busy, 45-year-old, female with two children who are 13 and 15. She is a physician.

Health and Wellness:  She is healthy and physically active; her favorite activities are yoga, Pilates and running.

Finances and Wealth: Her household income is close to $195,000. She is an active investor with an investment portfolio of over $500 thousand and she has been saving for the children’s’ college education since they were little. Her house is worth more than $500,000, having purchased it 11 years ago. She drives a Volvo and carries an American Express card.

Lifestyle: She attends arts and cultural events often and regularly donates to sustain them. She is environmentally conscious. The family often travels internationally.

Purchase Profile: She regularly purchases meal kits or take-out food. She is a high-end shopper who subscribes to many retailer emails and purchases premium, natural personal care products. She shops online and hangs out on Instagram and Twitter.


This is what our users are most likely to look like...

Ages between 45 and 54,
working in a Professional occupation,
with a Graduate Degree,
and with children between 11 and 18.
Income Range-1
making $125,000+/year,
with a High Target Net Worth,
and a tendency to spend big.
International Travelers,
and High-end Shoppers, 
with a passion for Cultural/ Arts events,
and Outdoor Sports.

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